McKenzie Acoustical Design

material vibration modes (also called cone breakup) are the major reason for reproduction errors in diaphragm based loudspeaker transducers. Material vibration modes produce the loudest error sounds added to the source compared to any other error modality. They are the most audible.

material vibration modes are chaotic phenomena.  the modes are not gradual phenomena.   they manifest as a sudden and drastic change in material behavior.  they are hard to predict.  they are impossible to model or simulate with presently available (or anticipated) modeling programs. regardless of how much effort or expense in applied to design, spurious modes within the critical audible spectrum will still be present in production units.

while others have tried and failed to stop material vibration modes, we have not. mckenzie acoustical design has made significant progress in controlling (and sometimes even eliminating) the problem of material vibration modes in loudspeaker diaphragms. We have built a proprietary vibratory analysis technology to map the material vibration modes of loudspeaker diaphragms under dynamic conditions.  this new technology allows us to determine the origin or starting point of every material vibration mode in a transducer's diaphragm and to map the critical areas on cone type diaphragms (and dust caps too).

we have also developed two distinctly different techniques of controlling material vibration modes. We have patents on implementations of both techniques. The two implementations may be used alone or together. Both are effective, together they achieve vibration control for most transducer designs without adding mass. the effectiveness of vibratory analysis technology and vibration mode control have met the most stringent standard of science: independent verification.

the revolution in sound reproduction has begun.  No less than a whispercone is sufficient for accurate sound reproduction.  for more information please examine the supporting documents provided on the documents page of this web site.